Walmart and Amazon knock down the kid-friendly Fitbit Ace 3 wearable to the lowest price

While Fitbit’s name doesn’t even come up once on our list of the total best smartwatches money can buy in 2023 Google’s subsidiary brand absolutely dominates the latest fitness tracker charts (along with arch-rival Garmin).

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly smart band, Fitbit has you covered with several options to suit the needs and preferences of everyone from fashionistas to (with cash) gym addicts and yes, even children aged 6 and up.
Ace 3 is not best smartwatch for kids available today because it’s not a full-fledged smartwatch, but it can do a lot of neat, fun and useful things at a killer price. The little activity tracker’s $79.95 list price is currently marked down by 30 bucks, making the Fitbit Ace 3 as affordable as it’s ever been.

This record-breaking discount was offered a few times before, but Walmart and Amazon’s new deal looks to be better than anything we’ve seen from these retailers (and others like them) since Black Friday 2022.

Parents looking to motivate their kids to do more physical activity might want to hurry and pull the trigger as soon as possible, as Amazon seems to have run out of yellow and “blue astro green” stock, with only the black /racing red version of the Fitbit Ace 3 at the time of writing.

Walmart, meanwhile, still has all three models in stock (for online orders), but apparently there’s no way of knowing when the promotion will end entirely.

In addition to a playful and robust design, the third generation Ace tracker has, yes, “all day” activity tracking features, as well as water resistance up to 50 meters deep, animated watch faces that grow and evolve as little users move more during the run of the day, and perhaps most importantly, an almost unbeatable battery life of over a week. Not bad for such a dirt-cheap portable device, eh?

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