Trim fat away with limited-time Deal Day savings on an at-home slimming device

Keeping a toned body on top of everything else you have to do in a day might be too much to ask. When you have a lawn to mow, work to do, and dinner to cook, finding an hour to work out until you’re even more exhausted just can’t sound enticing. Here and there, you might start noticing a few more pounds or skin that doesn’t quite feel like young. Maybe you even run into some stretch marks, natural things, but it’s ok not to want them yourself.

If you want something that could help reduce that stubborn fat, tighten that flabby skin, and maybe even fade some stretch marks, give the Lumina NRG Fat Iron a try. This at-home body-slimming device uses a combination of FDA-approved methods to help trim the fat, and during our Deal Days Promotion, it’s on sale for $ 329.99 (Reg. $ 599).


Burning calories just got a lot more literal. The Lumina Fat Iron uses a combination of three pre-existing fat-reducing technologies: Bi-Polar Radio Frequency, Electro Muscle Stimulation, and Photon Red Light Therapy. They may sound made up, but they’re absolutely real and have been clinically studied and shown to help reduce fat and other skin and bodily conditions.

The Lumina NRG Fat Iron combines all three methods to help functionally iron away fat and tone your muscles while caring for your skin. With 15 minutes a day, you could start seeing results. This science isn’t magic. It may not suddenly give you a six-pack, but it could help tighten, tone, and strengthen muscles which can be used as a supplement to workout and diet for consistent weight loss and body sculpting.


Iron out the wrinkles and see how much younger you look with a bit of help. During our Deal Days Promotion, you can get the Lumina NRG Fat Iron At-Home Body Slimming Device for $ 329.99 (Reg. $ 599). No coupon code needed.

Prices subject to change.


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