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The Apple Watch is probably one of the most popular smartwatches globally, and that’s not much of a shock when you consider the number of people you see walking or jogging on the street with their Apple Watch wrapped around their wrist. Apple is constantly innovating on the go, and its Apple Watch Ultra is the latest addition to its arsenal of tech goodies. And we’ve put together a collection of innovative and smart accessories that perfectly complement your Apple Watch Ultra and its predecessors. From the Elago W3 Stand, which will teleport users on a nostalgic journey in time and functionality, to the smallest Apple Watch fast charger – this innovative accessory is a must-have for Apple Watch fanatics!

1. Serafino Luxury’s Apple Watch Cases

Designed by Serafino Luxury, this Apple Watch case transforms your favorite Apple Watch into a real watch wrapped in steel, enhanced with a beautifully sculpted body and a steel or leather strap. It turns your technical Apple Watch into a Haute Horlogerie. It is available in different styles – metallic and anodized black, blue and gold finishes. You even get a free strap to match your case, depending on the type of style you choose!

2. The RSTR case

Designed by Golden Concept, the RSTR Case features a transparent crystalline design that is made to show off. It turns your Apple Watch Ultra into a sparkling jewel that you can wear on your wrist and show off. It is available in four stunning colors and is made using 50 carefully engineered parts. The home and action buttons are made of stainless steel and are designed to be slightly larger, making them more accessible through the otherwise thick case.

3. PZOZ Converter Case

The PZOZ Converter Case is truly a brilliant product. You can attach the smart product to your Apple Watch and it tricks people into thinking you actually own an Apple Watch Ultra. The body is made of polycarbonate and not titanium. The watch strap remains unchanged, and that action button on the side is clearly just a dummy button, but it manages to look incredibly real!

4. Elago W3 Stand

Designed by Elago, the W3 stand is designed to charge your Apple Watch wirelessly under the guise of a classic Macintosh. Elago transformed and renewed the design to keep the Apple Watch’s latest version. It is designed to be placed on your bedside table and continuously charges the Apple Watch Ultra inserted into it. It has a nightstand mode which allows it to act as an alarm clock and display the time and messages.

5. Anchor the 3-in-1 cube

Anker 3-in-1 Cube has MagSafe, so it can hold three devices at once. Don’t be fooled by its simple appearance because it has been enhanced with a ton of functionality. The charging section for your Apple devices can be accessed by lifting the lid like a small treasure chest, except the opening faces in the opposite direction. This ensures that your phone can be tilted towards you. It’s trivial to set up one of the three charging bays and still fold the box down in a flash, making it ideal for people who need to pack up and go at a moment’s notice.

6. Zens 4-in-1 Modular Wireless Charger

Designed to give you an organized desk, Zen’s 4-in-1 Modular Wireless Charger allows you to charge all your precious Apple devices at once and in the exact same places. It helps you keep a neat and tidy desk or bedside table. The charger comes with a hefty price tag of $180, but despite that, it still serves as a convenient solution for fast and efficient charging for your Apple – for all your Apple devices!

7. Maco Go 2

Say hello to the smallest Apple Watch fast charger! Maco Go 2 is the kind of charger that you take with you everywhere. It completely eliminates the need for a charging cable. It has a simple square shape, with the USB-C connector subtly sticking out of a corner instead of being placed in the middle. This allows you to connect your charger anywhere and ensures that it doesn’t have to fight for space with the other peripherals connected to your laptop’s USB-C ports.

8. ActionBand

Twelve South has created the ActionBand, a sweatband designed to hold your Apple Watch. It can be difficult to keep track of our training progress while you’re actually working out, so Twelve South developed this smart solution that allows you to train with your Apple Watch. It has a cut-out bezel to accommodate your Apple Watch so you can sweat all day without losing grip. Sold in pairs, Twelve South sends each customer an ActionBand with a secure Apple Watch bezel and a regular sweatband to wrap around your watch-free wrist.

9. Apple Magic Charger

Similar to the iPhone Lightning Dock, the Apple Magic Charger is based on a metal stand which has a metallic puck integrated into its square edge. The device is likely to be made of anodized aluminum, while the round charging area inside is rubberized. Interestingly, the aluminum stand allows the charger to be pushed into a vertical position to charge the connected iPhone. Reportedly, and as suggested by the available images, the Magic Charger was designed to hold the connected iPhone upright and in a horizontal position; perhaps this limitation of use could have been a reason why the magic was never performed outside of Apple’s production lines!

10. SANDMARC Titanium Edition Apple Watch Ultra Band

The SANDMARC Titanium Edition Apple Watch Ultra Band is made of lightweight and durable titanium and is designed to complement your Apple Watch Ultra perfectly. Equipped with a glass coating that makes your smartwatch scratch-resistant, the band is designed for the Apple Watch Ultra. It provides protection during your outdoor adventures. It works perfectly for both formal events and adventures on the go!

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