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To the surprise of absolutely nobody, sleep is crucial for anyone to do their best work. So if you want to excel to new heights in 2023, you’ll need your rest. You can’t do that if you or the person you sleep with is an aggressive snorer.

Don’t let anyone’s snoring ruin your sleep. This year, you can nip snoring in the bud with the Snore Circle YA4200 Electronic Muscle Stimulator Plus, now on sale for 32% off.

When snorers sleep, their throat, tongue, and jaw relax, which can narrow the throat’s airway and lead to the snoring sound. Snore Circle targets that process by utilizing EMS+TENS technology. With the high-precision sensor and patented intelligent algorithm, Snore Circle detects snoring and turns on, emitting a small, harmless electrical current to stimulate the nerves under the chin, the company says. Consequently, the muscles around the throat tighten up, allowing air to pass through easily.

One customer wrote, “My partner has noticed a marked improvement, and I snore less, so it’s a winner for both of us,” while another said, “works for sleep apnea.”

Snore Circle offers a customizable treatment plan with 30 different intensity levels that the algorithm automatically taps into without disturbing your sleep. The conductive stripe is a special patch that stays on while you sleep, relaying information to the Snore Circle and Sleeplus apps. That way, you can track your sleep activity, analyze your progress, and personalize your treatment settings. Then, on just a two-hour charge, you’ll have enough power to last the whole night.

Grab the Snore Circle Electronic Muscle Stimulator Plus for 32% off $119 at just $79.99 (best of Web pricing!) for a limited time.

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