Portage Township raises qualifying income threshold for financial assistance

St. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. (WNDU) – The Portage Township Board of Trustees voted to raise the qualifying income threshold for families that might need financial assistance!

This means that even residents denied assistance due to having incomes slightly above the federal poverty level may still be eligible for assistance from the township.

On Tuesday, the Board unanimously passed the Portage Township Assistance Guidelines for 2023, which changes the income requirements for assistance to 133 percent of the Federal Poverty Level for 2023. Portage Township provided nearly a half-million dollars in assistance to residents in 2022 alone.

“I am excited that we are able to do this because it’s not just the unemployed who face hardship,” Township Trustee Jason Critchlow said in a press release. “With costs rising, even families who are fully employed are struggling to pay for the simple household expenses they need to survive. By setting our qualifying income threshold well above the poverty level, we are able to help those working families manage or avoid a financial crisis.”

Residents experiencing financial hardships are encouraged to call 574-233-2126 or stop by the Township office to make an application for assistance.


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