Man found with explosive device and bomb-making materials near Baltimore County school Tuesday

BALTIMORE — Court documents show that Joseph Vickery, 43, and his wife, Kristen, are facing charges following Tuesday’s investigation into reports that Vickery had built a bomb.

Kristen Vickery had sent pictures to her mother of the material her husband was allegedly using to make the bomb.

Alarmed, her mother called the Mount Airy Police to alert them to the threat—in part because she believed Joseph Vickery was building the bomb to kill her. The two of them had recently had an argument.

And that’s what sparked the investigation.

Investigators used Joseph Vickery’s cell phone location to track him down.

They found him in his truck parked near Pine Grove Middle School.

Police say he admitted to having an explosive device inside his truck. He had researched improvised explosive devices and built one, according to authorities.

Law enforcement officers ended up finding the explosive device in his truck and learned that it could be set off with a toy remote.

Additionally, court records show that Maryland State Police surveilled the Woodlawn motel where Joseph Vickery was staying and found bomb-making materials.

He told officers that he had planned to detonate the bomb in a remote area.

“It’s very shocking,” Doris York said of the bomb allegations.

York lives in a neighborhood where Vickery once lived. She said she had no idea he was at the center of the chaos on Tuesday.

“It just goes to show you that you don’t really know your neighbors,” York said.

Police say that Vickery had a gun, ammunition, methamphetamines, and additional bomb-making material when they took him into custody.

Officers arrested his wife at the motel. She is facing drug charges.

Joseph and Kristen Vickery are being held without bond.


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