HomeHelpMN increases limits on housing assistance for Minnesotans

The Minnesota Department of Housing recently announced that the state program is raising the limit on the maximum amount of money available to homeowners.

St. Paul, Minn. โ€” More Minnesotans will be able to get the help they need staying in their homes thanks to changes recently made to HomeHelpMN, the state’s homeownership assistance fund supporting people struggling with their bills because of COVID-19.

Where Aug. 12, the program announced that it was increasing the amount of maximum assistance available from $35,000 to $50,000. The program is also accepting past-due expenses incurred before Jan. 21, 2020, if the household in need experienced a pandemic-related financial hardship.

Earlier in August, the program announced that it was lifting the application deadline. Now Minnesotans in need can apply at any time, and the program will continue to accept those requests as long as there are funds available.

“We know that many Minnesotans have struggled with homeownership expenses because of the pandemic, and we have found that these changes will make HomeHelpMN assistance available to more homeowners,” said Minnesota Housing Commissioner Jennifer Ho. “Whether you have missed a few mortgage payments, have past-due lot rent, are overdue on property taxes, or some combination, HomeHelpMN is available for you, and the time to apply is now.”

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If you have applied to the program in the past and been denied but you’re still in need of help, you can request your application to be reopened by calling 800-388-3226. The new criteria will be used, and no additional action is needed, according to the Minnesota Department of Housing.

While some elements of this state program have changed, income eligibility remains the same. Personal income limits are calculated based on your county of residence. For a household of four, the maximum eligible income can range from $90,000 to $117,300.

Find more information about the income limits for your county here.

So far 4,700 households have applied for help, accounting for 62% of the funds available. Information provided by HomeHelpMN said the program has helped to postpone 28 lot rent evictions and 63 sheriff sale dates while cases are processed and third parties are paid.

Applications for assistance can be submitted online or over the phone at 800-388-3226. Call center hours are from 8 am – 6 pm, Monday through Saturday.

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