Could minimally invasive neuromod tackle the opioid epidemic?

The Sparrow therapy system. [Image from Spark Biomedical]

Officials at Spark Biomedical and AcuityMD think their partnership could accelerate the commercialization of Spark’s potentially game-changing platform.

Spark Biomedical develops a topical, minimally invasive medical device for alleviating opioid withdrawal symptoms. AcuityMD has a platform for helping medical device companies accelerate commercial access to their products.

Together, they seek to provide a pathway to life-restoring sobriety for millions suffering from opioid addiction. Last month, Spark and AcuityMD announced a partnership to accelerate the expansion of the former’s technology. The FDA-approved Sparrow therapy system represents a drug-free tool for helping treat opioid use disorder. It sends mild electrical impulses to the brain to help relieve withdrawal symptoms.

AcuityMD’s data-driven commercial platform supports this expansion effort. It helps

“We saw an opportunity in using the AcuityMD platform to ensure that we’re getting the right device in front of the right provider that serves the right patients at the right time,” said Spark Biomedical CCO Dan Wagner, speaking to MassDevice at last month’s The MedTech Conference. “When we’ve done that, it’s phenomenal.”

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