ChatGPT goes to the Apple Watch – and tells us how it will change smartwatches

AI chatbot sensation ChatGPT is now landing on smartwatches, with apps landing on both the Apple Watch and Amazfit smartwatches this week.

A new app called watchGPT has been launched for the Apple Watch. It costs $3.99/£3.99 and can be downloaded from the Apple Watch App Store on your smartwatch.

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In addition to the app, there is a practical complication so you can quickly ask questions.

It can work with text and voice input, although – so far – you can only ask one question at a time.

And Amazfit has also added a ChatGPT app to the Amazfit Store from which users can get answers to queries on the wrist. It is available for Amazfit GTR/GTS 3/4, GTS Mini and GTR Mini.

So what can you use it for?

Well, getting answers to questions from the wrist is the only thing right now. But it’s contextualized answers, not “here’s something I found on the web,” that Siri will conjure up.

But we went ahead and asked ChatGPT what it thought the most useful apps for an AI on the wrist might be:

“ChatGPT can help users schedule appointments, make reservations, check the weather, set alarms and answer common questions, all through natural language interactions,” it said.

“In addition, ChatGPT could be integrated with other apps on the Apple Watch, such as fitness and health tracking apps, to provide personalized coaching and recommendations based on the user’s activity level, sleep patterns and other health metrics.”

So there are plenty of future applications – but right now it’s only good for text-based queries.

It’s clear that AI will be a huge boost for wearables, even more so than voice assistants have been. And we heard the Vuzix CEO say much the same about smartglasses.

While voice control has been a staple of wearables, if you’re looking for information beyond simple queries, the small interface and screens on smartwatches make life difficult.

For now, consider GPT just an app to geek out on. But if you want a clue as to how wearables will evolve and change over the next few years – look no further than this.

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