Burst Pipes Leaves Midwest City Apartment Ruined, Residents Searching For Assistance

A single mother living at the Ridge Apartments in Midwest City said it’s been weeks since her home was ruined, and still hasn’t received help from management.

Aja Shaw said it took her apartment management five days just to get the water in the vacant apartments above her turned off, and now everything she owns is ruined.

“The water started in the bathroom, it started just right above the sink and then [the ceiling] fell,” said Shaw.

The day before Christmas, Shaw scrambled as her home was slowly destroyed by water,

“It started Friday night around 10:30 pm, the ceiling in our bathroom started flooding,” Shaw said. “I immediately started calling our emergency maintenance line and I was calling, calling, no answer.”

Shaw said there was no answer as the ceiling above her little girl’s bedroom collapsed.

“The hole in my daughters room fell first, and it started out as just a small hole and the entire thing caved in,” Shaw said.

So far, the only action apartment management has taken for Shaw was putting ventilation fans in the saturated apartment.

“I am just upset because I really didn’t know what to do,” Shaw said. “This is my first time in this situation.”

Shaw and her daughter are now looking for another place to stay.

“Me and my daughter, we’ve been couch jumping from my mom to my aunt to anyone who can take me to work the next morning, because I don’t have a vehicle myself,” Shaw said. “My house is all I had so I just go where I can.”

News 9 made contact with the apartment managers on Tuesday, who declined to comment.


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