Bannock County Assessor to Begin Community Assistance Program | News

Wednesday afternoon, the Bannock County Assessor’s office held a community outreach meeting to discuss the property tax reduction program. The meeting was held this afternoon at the Pocatello senior center and more than 100 people showed up for it.

The property tax reduction program — also known as the circuit breaker — is a state program facilitated by Bannock County. It’s for those over age 65, widowers and widows, as well as those on social security.

To qualify you must meet the income criteria of $33,870 – and medical expenses can be deducted. This community outreach meeting was to help residents ask questions and better understand the program.

“You know, mainly it is just a lot of questions like do I qualify, do I not qualify, like I said last year when I was here earlier. I said that last year they put a median on the program, so if your home, in Bannock County, every county was different, but in Bannock County, if your home was over $477,000, even if you qualified for this program as an income criteria , you got kicked off the program. We had a good number of people that that happened to,” said Advisor Anita Hymas.

The Commissioner’s office also takes part in this property tax reduction program.

“The commissioners are responsible for spending in the county and it is spending that drives your property taxes, my whole platform was primarily focused on controlling spending, and that will deliver property tax relief to everybody in the county,” said Bannock County Commissioner John Crowder .

This will not be the only meeting. Advisor Anita Hymas wants to facilitate monthly meetings in the future as part of a goal for her office to be more transparent and accessible to the public.

“I am excited to reach out to the communities. I have been with the county for 40 years, we used to do this years ago and then it kind of got dropped off through the different administrations and I am excited to start it back up and I hope to not only do these type of things, but just educate the public.”

For more information on how to apply or if you qualify you can call the advisor’s office at 208-236-7260, and the deadline to apply for this year is April 15th.


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