Flipper Zero Mayhem Hat adds camera and more radios

For a device advertised as a “Hacker’s Multi-Tool,” the Flipper Zero already offers quite a list of built-in capabilities. But some tough decisions had to be made to keep the retail price down, so features like WiFi and Bluetooth had to be left out. Fortunately, there is an expansion interface on the top of the device that allows you to connect additional hardware.

One such expansion is the “Mayhem Hat” by (Erwin Ried). This board adds many requested features to the Flipper Zero, as well as some that may not seem so obvious. Adding an ESP32-CAM brings WiFi and Bluetooth to the party, while also unlocking access to the high-capacity ESP32Marauder firmware and the wealth of security research tools within.

But the camera also enables some interesting features, such as motion detection and the ability to read QR codes. It even lets you use the Flipper as a makeshift digital camera, with an on-screen viewfinder reminiscent of the Game Boy camera.

Additionally, the Mayhem Hat has its own expansion capabilities. There is a place to plug in a CC1101 or NRF24l01 radio module, both of which support community-developed connectors that allow the user to detect and hijack signals. There are also additional pins for connecting your own sensors or hardware. In the demo video below you can see that the device automatically detects the popular DHT11 environmental sensor and displays the current temperature and humidity readings.

(Erwin) has the Mayhem hat for sale on Tindie, but as of this writing, it’s currently sold out. Demand for the additional boards is apparently as high as the Flipper Zero itself, which isn’t much of a surprise, given the excitement we saw surrounding this platform during its $4.8 million Kickstarter campaign .

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