Corsair Shifts Power Connectors Placement On Its SHIFT PSU Lineup, Easy Cable Management

In a bid to make cable management easier on PCs, Corsair is shifting the placement of the connectors on its SHIFT PSU lineup.

Corsair SHIFT PSU Lineup Features A Non-Standard Connector Placement That Can Assist With Cable Management

Twitter leaker “momomo_us” discovered renders of the new Corsair Shift RM1200x PSU which will be part of the new SHIFT series family. The most unique aspect of this PSU lineup is that instead of having the connectors on the front, they are moved to the side. It begs to question if Corsair is on to something with its new designs & if this is the beginning of a “shift” in designing power supplies by other companies.

The leaked photos show that the Corsair SHIFT PSU series have connectors moved to the side of the unit. This is an intentional move as the company feels the various connections will allow easier access to major components in a PC system. Standard power supplies are manufactured to have the connectors facing the inside of the machine for easy access to the internals, while the opposite side would house the port for AC power and the power switch near it.

The Corsair SHIFT series PSUs have various features such as ATX 3.0 certification, three different models (CP-9020254-NA, CP-9020253-NA, and CP-9020252-NA) with each correlating with 1200W, 1000W, and 850W models, Corsair’s Type 5 Gen 1 micro-fit power supply cables, a 140mm fluid dynamic bearing fan, and 80 PLUS Gold certification. Now Corsair doesn’t have any visible Gen5.0 connectors on their SHIFT lineup but they will provide an adapter for use with graphics cards that make use of the 12VHPWR plugs.

There are concerns on the Internet about the Corsair Shift’s new design and layout, with worries that depending on the case that the PSU would be in, the cables would receive unwanted bending due to lack of suitable space. Another discussion topic is whether the new PSU series would be used for more contemporary chassis designs that would fit this particular layout.

Hopefully, we will discover more information, such as confirmation from Corsair, pricing, and availability, in the coming months. Now Corsair hasn’t confirmed the new SHIFT series PSU lineup itself and neither revealed them during the recent CES trade show but we can expect them to launch these relatively soon!

News Sources: momomo_us on TwitterPC Gamer

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