Rob McElhenney Started Crying When Soccer Fans Serenaded Him

Speaking as a fan of the New York Mets (bounced from the first round of the playoffs after winning 101 games) and Carolina Panthers (2-5 record, fired head coach, traded best player), I believe this to be true: it’s dumb to care about sports. But then you see a video of Rob McElhenney getting teary-eyed after fans of his soccer team start singing about him, and you remember why you devote so much time and stress to a jersey.

In 2020, Ryan Reynolds and the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia spirit Mythic Quest co-creator purchased Wrexham AFC, as chronicled in FX’s Welcome to Wrexham. The acquisition of the team by two Americans surprisingly seems to be a hit among Red Dragons supporters. In a clip posted to Twitter, “an emotional McElhenney appeared to be in tears while drinking with fans in a local pub. The Wrexham faithful sang his name – and referenced Reynolds’ famous antihero Deadpool – as part of a chant dedicating to their new owners for saving their stadium from crumbling down,” reports the Daily Mail.

The lyrics go, “Less than a mile from the center of town, a famous old stadium was crumbling down. No one invested so much as a penny, so bring on the Deadpool and Rob McElhenney.” You can watch the video below.

Sports are good.

(Via the Daily Mail)


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