GdS: Juventus interested in Massara

The importance that Ricky Massara has to the way that AC Milan functions cannot be understated for a number of reasons, a report has claimed.

La Gazzetta dello Sport liken Massara to a boss, because – as any good sporting director does – he has to have the ability to come up with new ideas, experiment where possible and also know his ingredients and limitations well.

Maldini and Massara have so far formed a brilliant partnership as Milan’s two directors which is why the news that Juventus are interested in the latter has now gone down well among Rossoneri supporters.

The pair have an almost total symbiosis, and have been able to put into practice the very complicated project of a club which in practice asked them to set up a competitive team with a rather limited flow of money.

It is therefore logical that another club could be seduced by a manager like Massara, who has all the qualities of a good director: a businessman, serious, a tireless worker and someone who knows the role inside out. He also keeps a low profile in public, is media trained and thus does not attract his own headlines, negative or otherwise.

Juve are keen on Massara and while the link between him and Allegri is indisputable (they were team-mates at Pescara), he has just renewed his deal with Milan for another two years. Massara feels the Milan project still has phases to go through, and his bond with Maldini is just too strong.

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