Chicharito Hernandez: “You feel the winning mentality the second you arrive at Real Madrid”

“When you arrive in Madrid and you are a Real Madrid player, more than you feel the beauty of the club, more than anything, you feel the demand to win from the first second. You feel the winning mentality, nobody is going to expect less than a win. It’s a feeling of ‘you’re here for a reason and you never give up’, they treated me very well and that’s what it feels like at Real Madrid. They demand excellence and perseverance, since you’re a Real Madrid player you have to be the best player in the world in all aspects and that is what it feels like, in Spain they make you feel it,” Chicharito told Hugo Sanchez.

Likewise, the Mexican striker explained that his first goal with Real Madrid against Espanyol was a better goal than his famous game-winner vs Atletico Madrid in the Champions League since it was a left-footed shot from outside the box.

Because of what the goal against Atlético de Madrid in the Champions League quarterfinals represented, a pass from Cristiano, my opportunity to play the entire game, we came from a two-year period in which Real Madrid had not beaten Atlético in 90 minutes, the drama and intensity of everything being defined in overtime, etc. It was a significant and meaningful goal. But, the most beautiful goal was the one I scored with my left foot from outside the box from an Isco’s pass against Espanyol, it was my first goal for Real Madrid” he explained.

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