Report: Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen divorce to become official today

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The issue has been percolating since Tom Brady took an eleven-day break during training camp. It’s officially reaching a resolution today. reports that Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady and his wife, Gisele Bundchen, have reached a settlement agreement regarding the dissolution of their marriage. Divorce documents will be filed today.

According to the report, the couple had been working with a mediator to negotiate terms as to child custody and property distribution. They’ve now reached a deal.

Brady has been the subject of intense speculation as to whether and to what extent the personal strife is affecting his on-field performance. Given that football fans, media, and gamblers spend so much time obsessing over every bump or bruise on a player’s body, anything that can limit the quality of play becomes a natural subject of concern.

It’s possible that the official termination of the marriage will reduce the overall stress and strain on Brady. Again, it feels weird to think and talk and write about these things. But it’s one of the basic realities of a player staying in football for so many years. Eventually, life issues that would play out post-retirement will happen during the player’s career.

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