The team Jimmy Garoppolo will suit up for in the 2022 season is still unknown, but there are still plenty of realistic destinations Garoppolo can still be dealt to. After Baker Mayfield was dealt for a conditional fourth/fifth round pick to the Carolina Panthers, all eyes have shifted to Garoppolo to make his next move.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk provided his thoughts on where the veteran quarterback may land this offseason. Florio compiled a list of nine teams that can potentially trade for Garoppolo, here are those teams in order, starting with the most likely team to land him.

1. Browns

The Cleveland Browns are the first team that comes to mind who can use Jimmy’s services, Deshaun Watson’s future is still unclear and banking on Jacoby Brissett has proved to be quite disappointing. This situation almost entirely relies on the length of suspension if any for Deshaun Watson, for the Browns to aggressively pursue Garoppolo Watson will have to miss a significant amount of the regular season. Without a suspension there won’t be much of a reason for the Browns to pursue Garoppolo, but that situation seems unlikely after the NFL was reported to go for a full year ban on Deshaun Watson.

2. Steelers

Pittsburgh is the second most likely destination for Garoppolo after drafting Kenny Pickett in this past years draft. The Steelers have an elite defense and some solid weapons on the offensive side of the ball and can certainly win now with the correct moves. The real question is whether or not the Steelers want Pickett to be thrown in the fire right away, or to be groomed by a veteran like Garoppolo. Grabbing Jimmy G via trade could work out for the Steelers who acquired Mitchell Trubisky prior to selecting Kenny Pickett in the draft. An argument can be made whether Jimmy would beat out Tribusky but the price certainly doesn’t look too steep for Pittsburgh.

3. Saints

Jameis Winston isn’t exactly a settling name as a franchise quarterback and he is coming off a serious injury he suffered this past season. They signed Andy Dalton who is a good backup option but neither of these two have done what Garoppolo has, and that’s win playoff games. Another team with a great defense and weapons everywhere on Offense, this is a team Garoppolo could fit right into.

4. Texans, Lions, and Falcons

These are all young teams who are preparing for the future and are more in a rebuilding mode, which is a situation Garoppolo can slide into if they would rather take a shot on him than start over with a rookie. The Texans have Davis Mills at quarterback who showed some promising flashes in his rookie campaign, but nothing that Garoppolo hasn’t shown he can do as well. Mills is a solid player but adding Garoppolo would certainly be an upgrade, if they want to be tied to him long-term now is the time. The Lions have Jared Goff who played quite well last season, but probably have no intentions of pursuing Garoppolo who like Goff will likely be a $ 20 million quarterback. Atlanta is a possibility with Marcus Mariota behind center who hasn’t played a full season in years, and a very young Desmond Ritter behind him. Garoppolo would be the unquestioned starter and provide a leadership and experience the other two do not posses.

5. 49ers, Seahawks, Dolphins

The 49ers will simply not keep Garoppolo unless he agrees to a significant pay cut, which is highly unlikely at this point, San Francisco will move on from him it’s just a matter of when. The Seattle Seahawks have Drew Locke as their current starter, Jimmy’s advantage on this one, but the Seahawks are a division rival. Working a deal with them and sending Jimmy G who once took the 49ers to a Super Bowl is not happening. Lastly, are the Miami Dolphins who currently have Tua Tagovailoa behind center and Mike McDaniel now as their head coach. Reuniting with coach McDaniel would be in Garoppolo’s best interests, but Miami is truly going to see what they have in Tua this season.