Where Baker Mayfield ranks among NFC QBs

With his trade to the Carolina Panthers, Baker Mayfield is officially an NFC quarterback. With that comes a whole new set of regular opponents to face.

The move presents an opportunity for Mayfield to establish himself, as his new conference doesn’t possess quite the same wealth of quarterback talent that the AFC has.

But how does the new Panther rank against his NFC counterparts? Colin Cowherd broke it down on “The Herd.”

How Baker Mayfield ranks vs. NFC QBs

How Baker Mayfield ranks vs.  NFC QBs

Colin Cowherd puts new Carolina Panthers QB Baker Mayfield up against every NFC QB, including Dak Prescott, Jalen Hurts, Justin Fields and Sam Darnold. Will Baker excel in the NFC?

That Prescott, Dallas Cowboys

Colin’s comparison: “Dak is the better athlete, he’s the more mature adult. Dak is a winning player. He was a winning college quarterback, he’s been a winning NFL quarterback. He may not be an artistic thrower, but I take Dak easily.”

Colin’s pick: That Prescott

Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles

Colin’s comparison: “Jalen Hurts is a more dynamic athlete. He also had a winning season in his first full season and that was not a good Philadelphia roster… He also led all quarterbacks with 10 rushing touchdowns, Baker has had five in his career.”

Colin’s pick: Jalen Hurts

Carson Wentz, Washington Commanders

Colin’s comparison: “Carson Wentz is the better player. They are both reckless and at times impulsive, but he’s the bigger, stronger, better-arm quarterback.”

Colin’s pick: Carson Wentz

Justin Fields, Chicago Bears

Colin’s comparison: “Justin Fields has better natural gifts, he’s got a stronger arm and a much better athlete.”

Colin’s pick: Justin Fields

Daniel Jones, New York Giants

Colin’s comparison: “Daniel Jones has an accuracy issue. He’s decent size, kind of athletic, but the other thing about Jones is his touchdown passes have decreased every year, so we haven’t seen much and he may have plateaued.”

Colin’s pick: Baker Mayfield

Jared Goff, Detroit Lions

Colin’s comparison: “Goff is a two-time Pro Bowler and he’s been to a Super Bowl. Jared is a little more coachable and he throws a really pretty deep ball.”

Colin’s pick: Jared Goff

Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings

Colin’s comparison: “We beat up on Kirk Cousins, but he has the third-highest completion percentage in the history of the league… He may have a lower ceiling, but I know what I’m getting every Sunday mostly with Kirk Cousins.”

Colin’s pick: Kirk Cousins

Marcus Mariota, Atlanta Falcons

Colin’s comparison: “Mariota has never been able to stay healthy for a season. He’s an average thrower and can be a little reckless with his body. Marcus has some talent but you got to be there on Sunday.”

Colin’s pick: Baker Mayfield

Jameis Winston, New Orleans Saints

Colin’s comparison: “Jameis is a little too goofy for me. I think he’s talented but he’s a pick-six waiting to happen.”

Colin’s pick: Baker Mayfield

Kyler Murray, Arizona Cardinals

Colin’s comparison: “Kyler Murray is dynamic and has gotten better every year.”

Colin’s pick: Kyler Murray

Trey Lance, San Francisco 49ers

Colin’s comparison: “Bigger, stronger, more athletic and I think physicality matters in this world now, and you need your quarterback to move a little off-script. I don’t think he throws a pretty ball yet, but I take the gifts and roll the he says. “

Colin’s pick: Trey Lance

Jimmy Garoppolo, San Francisco 49ers

Colin’s comparison: “Every time Jimmy G is in a room, everybody likes him in the room. He’s been to two NFC Championships, I saw him go to Green Bay and late in the game, make better passes than Aaron Rodgers. He wins a lot of games. , a lot of big games. “

Colin’s pick: Jimmy Garoppolo

Drew Lock, Seattle Seahawks

Colin’s comparison: “They have some similarities and Drew has a good arm… Drew Lock has a completion percentage issue. They both have a chip on their shoulder, a little cocky for my taste.”

Colin’s pick: Baker Mayfield

Sam Darnold, Carolina Panthers

Colin’s comparison: “I am not choosing, I need more evidence. I need a lot of evidence in camp. That one I am not answering. So as of this morning, Baker is the 13th-best quarterback in the NFC.”

Colin’s Pick: TBD

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