UK Football players who faced 2021 burglary charges file lawsuits vs the police

Prior to the 2021 college football season, six Kentucky football players were charged with burglary as a result of an incident that took place at an off-campus party.

All charges were ultimately dismissed, although the players were forced to sit out until late September before being allowed to play again.

Now, five of the six players are filing a federal lawsuit against the Lexington Police Department among others, according to Morgan Eads of LEX18 News.

Here is an excerpt of the report:

Andru Phillips, Vito Tisdale, Reuben Adams, JuTahn McClain, and Joel Williams filed separate lawsuits Wednesday against the police department, the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government, Police Chief Lawrence Weathers, and two individual police officers.

The lawsuits allege malicious prosecution, fabrication of false evidence, failure to intervene, conspiracy to deprive constitutional rights, and defamation.

The lawsuits accuse the police of using unreliable information from accusers at the party when identifying and charging the players.

It’s worth noting that Joel Williams (Memphis) and Reuben ‘RJ’ Adams (Georgia Tech) have since left Kentucky and transferred to other FBS programs.

Earnest Sanders IV, the sixth Kentucky football player involved in the incident, has also since left the program and is now at Saginaw Valley State.

Be sure to read the entire LEX18 report here.

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