Tennessee’s depth chart for the Florida game

Defensive line

1. (6) Byron Young (Sr., 6-3/245)
2. (30) Harrison’s novel (Sr., 6-2/244)
3. (19) Joshua Josephs (Fr., 6-3/221) OR (27) James Pearce Jr. (Fr., 6-5/220)

Defensive tackle
1. (99) Kurott Garland (R-Sr., 6-3/310) OR (20) Bryson Eason (R-Soph., 6-3/300)
2. (50) Jordan Phillips (Fr., 6-2/295) OR (88) Amari McNeill (R-Fr., 6-4/285)

Defensive tackle
1. (21) Omari Thomas (Jr., 6-4/320)
2. (51) Elijah Simmons (R-Jr., 6-2/340) OR (95) Da’Jon Terry (R-Jr., 6-4/321)

Defensive ind
1. (9) Tyler Baron (Jr., 6-5/260)
2. (11) LaTrell Bumphus (R-Sr.*, 6-3/290) OR (90) Dominic Bailey (R-Soph., 6-3/270)
3. (42) Tire West (Fr., 6-3/290)

The Vols kept the same starting quartet (Baron, Garland, Thomas and Young) and second unit (Bumphus, Eason, Simmons and Harrison) to start the Akron game and Bailey and Terry also saw rotational snaps, but several players outside the usual rotation got extensive playing time in the second half. Josephs, who didn’t play at Pittsburgh, got 29 snaps, West played 22, Pearce and McNeill got 14 and Phillips played 13. It might not lead to more playing time in a crunch SEC game like this next one, but Josephs (three tackles, tackle for loss), Pearce (first career sack) and West (two tackles for loss) all looked good.

As for the main guys, Baron continues to see plenty of snaps inside in pass-rush situations – 11 of his 103 snaps this season have been as a defensive tackle, per Pro Football Focus.

“Very comfortable,” Baron said on Tuesday. “It’s not really my decision or my say-so to say if I’ve been effective, but I feel like I’ve done a good job. There’s definitely things I can work on and definitely things I’ll be trying to change up this weekend to give myself a chance to be successful.”

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