How an 18-team Big 12 Conference would look

(Photo: Kansas State Athletics Media Relations)

Kansas State is in a good position, notes, and the Big 12 could be best-suited to partner with the expanding ACC before that league is gutted.

“It’s comin ‘ACC. I don’t care what your (media) contract is, “Fitzgerald said recently during a radio interview.” They’ve got Fox and ESPN money behind this. They’re gonna challenge that to try to take your best football programs out of your conference and add them into what they’re dreaming of. So, I think you’re right in the fact that they need to combine forces but not with a wounded Pac-12 but with an entirely healthy ACC that also still, at this moment, is aligned with Notre Dame. That might be the only way to keep Notre Dame away from the Big 10 in this process.

“Whether you give some of these athletic directors 25 million 50 million or $ 100 million in media money a year, they’re going to spend 10% more than that. That’s what they’ve done through the years, they will find a way to be fiscally insolvent, sooner rather than later. And if they’re operating as semi-pro football, which I think is what they want to pay the players and do all of that, then most of America is going to say this isn’t college sports anymore. I’m not that interested. ”

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