Everything PJ Fleck said before Wisconsin

Minnesota head coach PJ Fleck: “I think look at the West, and everybody’s had a chance at the West, it’s not just us. Every single team has had a chance to win the West at some point outright and run away with it. And that’s what makes the West so competitive. But the parity is pretty close among every team in that division. Northwestern had a chance to win the game last week. I mean, it’s the parity is incredible.

There are some things that we look back and you’re always gonna circle one or two plays. But none of us wanted it to happen. You know the way it happened, but it happened and you need to be grateful for it. If you’re grateful for your life. You don’t get to pick and choose what you’re grateful for. You’re either grateful for your life or not. Whether it comes from the tragedy or the suffering. You have to be grateful for those things. And that’s what’s so hard because we get way down on the loss we get way up with the wind and that’s part of your job and your role. But when you’re grateful for your life and you’re grateful for your team and you’re grateful for your players, and then you need to be grateful for the suffering as well. You need to be grateful for the things and the lessons that’s gonna teach you.

I’m not saying we’re happy, we’re lost. But there are so many lessons that come out of that. There’s one person and that said give me the ball, and that’s Mohamed, and we gave him the ball. He has fumbled four times in 800 carries. It’s not his fault. No one play loses you the game. We have plenty of opportunities. We had a missed field goal there.

But Andy (Greder) asked me a question after the game, and I apologize as I didn’t understand your question at the time. I wasn’t sure which 3rd-and-1 you were talking about, but on that one prior to going into halftime. Everybody in the stadium knew we were going to run that football, and we ran a naked, and we’ve got two people wide open. We got a touchdown, and that’s why we called it to go get a touchdown. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to execute.

Then the next play, because we weren’t able to execute it, we needed points. And I don’t go into something, I don’t think we’re going to get it. I wouldn’t send the field goal unit out, if I didn’t think. Then we happen to miss that, and we’re down 10-7. We come out the next time. We had to get points on that opening drive. You all know how important that is to me. We did get points on that opening drive. It’s 10-10, and here we go. And our defense was playing so well after the first 10 points given up.

Then there’s two massive drives, and we had critical opportunities and great opportunities to score and we didn’t do that. That’s what happens in rivalry games. You gotta give them a lot of credit. They’re really good football team.”

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