Everything Dan Lanning said on Monday of Oregon State week

Lanning: “I think all year he’s positioned himself and gotten better as the years gone on. He’s proven that he’s got elite speed and size, and I think those traits really carry over, especially when we push the ball down the field. He had some really big catches down the field on Saturday night, but he’s a pleasure to work with every day. I enjoy everything that Dont’e brings to our program. He’s an awesome kid, comes in here with a smile, and was actually experiencing a lot of adversity this weekend himself. So for him to go out there and have that performance, I know that meant a lot to him and certainly meant a lot to our team.”

Q: What does it say about the depth Oregon State has for them to win their last three games when players have been injured?

Lanning: “Again, it’s that time of year where people are banged up, and I don’t think anybody’s playing completely healthy. But they’ve certainly done a great job of having impressive wins amidst adversity. And I think it shows a couple things. One is that they’re a really well-coached team. Coach Smith has done a great job they’re developing over time, and I think they’ve proven that they can win in unique ways. Lean on their best personnel when needed. And do it several different ways. So great job by them. Credit to them and their staff and credit to the people on the roster.”

Q: Now knowing what Bo Nix can and can’t do in the game, does that allow you to make adjustments this week in practice?

Lanning: “Maybe.”

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