October 27, 2022 (NASCAR Modified)

Multiple NASCAR drivers run Whelen Modifieds at Martinsville Speedway

Tonight, the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour unloads in Martinsville, Virginia. The half-mile oval of Martinsville Speedway is set to host the 16th and final race of the season.

View Martinsville race results below.

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Jon McKennedy enters the final race of the season as the points leader. Ron Silk trails him in the standings by just 6 points.

NASCAR driver Corey LaJoie and Ryan Preece are in the field. NASCAR champion Bobby LaBonte is also on the grid with former winner Ryan Newman.

Matt Hirshman and Jimmy Blewett set the front row. 200 laps of stock car racing are up next…

Race Report

Green flag, Hirshman is clear via the inside lane off turn two.

Lap 5, Corey LaJoie takes over 2nd.

Lap 12, Brian Dauzat spins off turn four, caution.

Green, LaJoie bobbles at the launch from the outside lane. Hirschman returns to the lead.

Lap 30, Corey LaJoie leans on the bumper of Hirschman in the battle for the lead. Hirschman moves up a lane as he works lap traffic. LaJoie fills the inside lane and they run three wide with lap traffic down the back. LaJoie returns to the lead.

Lap 32, three cars tangle including Bobby LaBonte, caution.

Green, LaJoie gets the jump from the inside lane and he’s clear into turn one.

Lap 49, two cars tangle in turn one and the caution is out. Ryan Newman is involved. The red flag is out for extended cleanup.

Green, LaJoie and Hirschman ran side by side for the lead. 10+ cars tangle behind them, the track is blocked and the caution is out.

Green, LaJoie is clear before turn one. Hirschman holds off Max McLaughlin for 2nd.

Lap 100

Lap 100, LaJoie leads Hirschman by 1.6 seconds. Jon McKennedy remains the current point leader as he runs 5th.

Lap 114, Ryan Preece pulls to the garage with a mechanical issue.

Lap 118, LaJoie works heavy lap traffic with Hirschman closing. He puts the bumper to one after being trapped behind him for several laps.

Lap 127, Ron Silk is slow with an issue. He either has a tire going down or something’s broken. Silk is 2nd in the point standings but he’s just gone a lap down.

Lap 130, Silk spins and the caution is out.

LaJoie heads to the pit lane for the first time. Most of the leaders follow him. Justin Bonsignore wins the race to the pit exit. Slow stop for LaJoie as he exits 14th. Jon McKennedy takes over the front row.

Green, McKennedy and Jimmy Blewett rub bars into turn one, McKennedy leads. Justin Bonsignore takes over 2nd.

Lap 143, LaJoie is flying through the field. Three wide and using up the bumpers, LaJoie is back in the top 10.

Lap 146

Lap 146, Doug Colby and Craig Lutz slow, caution.

Justin Bonsignore pits with a broken rear suspension. Another championship contender with an issue. However, with this caution, Silk is back on the lead lap.

Green, McKennedy clears Blewett into turn one.

40 to go, Ryan Newman moves to the inside to block a run from Corey LaJoie for 6th. LaJoie moves to the outside and drives right by to take the position anyway.

35 to go, LaJoie works inside of Krause for 5th. Max McLaughlin dives inside of both to make it three wide, McLaughlin takes 5th away.

25 to go, Jon McKennedy leads Jimmy Blewett by two car lengths.

21 to go, McLaughlin works inside of Eric Goodale for 4th. LaJoie follows him through.

15 to go, Ronnie Williams is stopped on track, caution.

Max McLaughlin has stalled under the yellow as he’s out of fuel while running 4th!

Green, they run side by side for the lead into turn one and off turn two. LaJoie clips the right rear of McKennedy down the backstretch. McKennedy is hooked into Blewett. Kyle Bonsignore jumps over the top of McKennedy as he spins across the track! The top 3 all crash and the caution is out.

Green with two to go, LaJoie clears Hirschman into turn one. Ryan Newman takes 2nd away.

1 to go, LaJoie leads as Hirschman works back inside of Newman for 2nd.

Corey LaJoie wins at Martinsville Speedway!

Martinsville Speedway
Race Results
October 27, 2022
NASCAR Whelen Modified

NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour (Photo: Martinsville Speedway)

Post | Driver

1. Corey LaJoie
2. Matt Hirschman
3. Ryan Newman
4. Bobby Santos III
5. Anthony Nocella
6. Andrew Krause
7. Eric Goodale
8. Austin Beers
9. Tommy Catalano
10. JB Fortin
11. Ron Silk
12. Jon McKenney
13. Jamie Tomaino
14. Ed McCarthy
15. Joey Coutler IV
16. Kyle Bonsignore
17. Jimmy Blewett
18. Chuck Hossfeld
19. Ronnie Williams
20. Dave Sapienza
21. Spencer Davis
22. Tyler Rypkema
23. Craig Lutz
24. Jeremy Gerstner
25. Gary McDonald
26. Max McLaughlin
27. Ken Heagy
28. Melissa Fifield
29. Justin Bonsignore
30. Doug Coby
31. Ryan Preece
32. Brian Dauzat
33. Bobby Labonte
34. Patrick Emerling
35. Walter Sutcliffe Jr

NASCAR Whelen Modified
Point Standings

1. Jon McKenney


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