NASCAR Jumps on the Adam Levine Text Leak Bandwagon After Ugly Cheating Exposé

The thing about trending things is everyone feels the need to jump on them and capitalize on the momentum for their own good. Perhaps this is what NASCAR too had in mind when they jumped on the whole Adam Levine controversy bandwagon.

Levine, the popular musician, and frontman of Maroon 5, recently found himself amid accusations of cheating as his texts got leaked.


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And it was one of these texts which NASCAR’s OFFICIAL Twitter account decided to use as a marketing tool for their upcoming playoff race at Texas Motor Speedway.

Naturally, this worked and it attracted a bunch of NASCAR fans as they too furthered the image which can be safely called a meme template.

God save the Internet.

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NASCAR addresses controversial decisions from the Bristol race

The Bristol night race had a few questionable calls that led to some controversy among the fans and even some NASCAR insiders. The calls in question are, in particular, the caution flag brought out by Christopher Bell, but one that didn’t go out in a nearly identical incident involving Brad Keselowski.

Speaking about these calls, Scott Miller, NASCAR Senior Vice President of Competition, said that every incident is “unique“, and naturally, every visual they have on them is also quite different from the other.


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“We don’t have 36 sets of eyes glued to each and every car,” I continued. “Whoever sees it points it out to the race director. The race director analyzes the situation as he sees it and puts the caution out at his discretion on what he sees.”

Sep 17, 2022; Bristol, Tennessee, USA; NASCAR Cup Series driver Christopher Bell (20) and driver Kyle Larson (5) and driver William Byron (24) and driver Brad Keselowski (6) during the Bass Pro Shops Night Race at Bristol Motor Speedway. Mandatory Credit: Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Miller emphasized that they don’t have the ability to watch each incident separately and go through all the replays considering cautions are “a quick call.” “I would love to be able to define what creates a caution and what doesn’t, but it’s impossible because everything is,” I added.


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“Every incident is completely different from the last one and completely different from the next one.”

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