Joe Mixon: Selling tickets to neutral site conference title game “disrespectful”

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After the NFL adopted a resolution making changes to playoff procedures in the AFC, the Bengals were unhappy about the prospect of home field for a Wild Card game against the Ravens being based on a coin flip.

The Bengals made that moot by beating the Ravens in Week 18 — the win included a reference to the coin toss by running back Joe Mixon — and then beat the Ravens again last week to move onto a game against the Bills this weekend. While the outcome of the canceled game between the teams could have impacted the home field for that game, there were no accommodations made for that when the league altered things earlier this month.

They did make plans for a neutral site title game if the Chiefs and Bills advance that far, however, and tickets for that game went on sale this week. On Wednesday, Mixon told reporters that it didn’t sit right with him.

“To be honest, it’s disrespectful, but we’re not worried about that shit,” Mixon said, via Russ Heltman of “We got a game to play on Sunday right? Like I said we are gonna go out there on Sunday and we’re gonna do what the hell we got to do to come back with that W. And then we’re going to see what they’re talking about.”

Logistics make it impossible to avoid selling tickets ahead of knowing who will actually be playing in the game, but the Bengals have clearly been using the league’s machinations as motivation during this postseason run and we’ll see if they can use that to their advantage in Buffalo this weekend.

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