Hawkeyes release updated depth chart ahead of Nebraska

(Photo: Joseph Cress, USA TODAY Sports)

LDE: John Wagoner

Second String: Ethan Hurkett

LDT: Noah Shannon

Second String: Lukas Van Ness

RDT: Logan Lee

Second String: Yahya Black

RDE: Joe Evans

Second String: Deontae Craig

Iowa’s defensive line has been a storyline this season for them. Entering this season, it was apparent that the defensive line was third fiddle to the secondary and linebackers. Now, they have emerged as a physical play-making defensive line with guys like Van Ness, Shannon, Lee, Waggoner, Joe Evans and many others.

The Hawkeyes didn’t get much pressure on Minnesota and really struggled to stop Mo Ibrahim, who went for 263 yards.

“(Van Ness) played inside almost exclusively last fall, and just the opposite this spring,” Iowa assistant defensive line coach Jay Niemann said. “It’s been good to watch him grow on the outside, too. He does have a skill set that allows him to have the flexibility to be either [inside] or [outside]. Typically, if you look back over the years here, we’ve typically had a player or two that have had that flexibility as well.”

“Right now, I think he’s a guy that could contribute either inside or out,” Niemann added. “It gets more complex [playing edge] depending on the team you’re playing. There are some things mentally that you have to do to evolve at that position that you don’t have to do on the inside. It’s a long answer to a short question, but it’s a work in progress. It’s a good thing for us that we have a guy like him who is capable of doing either.”

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