“We are going to take a break”

Winner of his 4th and 5th tournaments on the PGA Tour in 2022, the current third in the FedEx Cup Max Homa has decided to put his career on hold for a few weeks in order to best prepare for the arrival of his first child with his wife Lacey:

in November.

Max Homa, statements

As usual, it was via social networks that the American Max Homa, who has more than 480,000 subscribers on Twitter, announced his decision to ask the clubs. It was in the form of a letter addressed to “golf” that the 31-year-old Californian confided in his need to get away from the fairways and take a “break” as if talking to his girlfriend.

“Dear Golf, We’re going to take a break for a while. It’s not that I don’t love you anymore, but it’s been a long year and I want to miss you again. Thanks for your understanding. Please go after others while I’m gone.

I don’t want you to lose your touch. Sincerely, A tired Golfer” Burbank is a city in the United States in the state of California. According to the 2007 census it had a population of 107,921 inhabitants. According to the 2000 census, Burbank had 100,316 inhabitants, 41,608 homes, and 24,382 families. .

The population density was 2,232.4 inhabitants/km². Of the 41,608 homes, children under 18 lived in 28.5%, married couples lived in 42.8%, single women in 11.5%, and 41.4% were not family units. In 33.6% of the homes, people lived alone, 9.8% of which corresponded to people aged 65 or over who lived alone.

The average number of people living in each dwelling was 2.39 and the average number of people living in each family was 3.14. By age, the population was distributed as follows: 22.3% were under 18, 7.7% between 18 and 24, 35.4% between 25 and 44, 21.8% from 45 to 60 and 12.8% 65 years or older.

The median age was 36 years. For every 100 women aged 18 or over there were 90.7 men. The median household income was $62,347 and the median family income was $67,767. Men had a median income of $41,792 while women had a median income of $35,273.

The income per capita of the population was $25,713. Around 8.1% of families and 10.5% of the population were below the poverty line.

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