Grasshopper pack gets golf clubs off your shoulder and onto your back

Hikers, cyclists and other athletes carry their gear in backpacks, so why do golfers mostly use shoulder bags or wheeled carts? That’s the thinking behind the Grasshopper Backpack, which can hold up to seven clubs along with other equipment.

Currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, the Swedish-designed Grasshopper features a water-resistant ballistic nylon exterior, interior padded slots at the bottom for the club heads, and a horizontal row of plastic receptacles at the top, which the club shafts pop into. and out of.

This arrangement keeps the clubs held in place, so they don’t knock against each other while the golfer is walking (or running, for that matter).

There’s additionally a mesh interior pocket for things like balls and tees, a zippered interior pocket for valuables like wallets and phones, an exterior pocket on one side (for water bottles, etc), plus a set of shock cords on the other side, for carrying an umbrella.

An integrated kickstand keeps the Grasshopper Backpack propped up when set down


The Grasshopper also features a kickstand which stays folded into the padded back panels of the backpack when not needed, but which automatically flips out to prop the pack up when it’s placed on the ground. There is also a rain cover, which can be fastened over the whole pack on wet days.

Assuming it reaches production, a pledge of €199 (about US$203) will get you a Grasshopper Backpack of your own – the planned retail price is €299 ($306). It can be seen in use, in the video below.

The pack may face a bit of competition, as the Back9 Golf Backpack recently completed a successful Kickstarter. DV8 Sports takes a different approach, with a set of modular clubs that are specifically designed to fit in an included backpack.

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