A barefoot John Daly hit a golf ball over an Ohio highway

When Matt Considine grew up in Akron, Ohio, he spent time as a student staring out of a third-story window while attending Archbishop Hoban High School thinking about his view of a perfect golf shot.

His vision was hitting a ball from the school across Interstate 76 onto the school’s football field.

Considine’s dream became a reality this week.

On Tuesday, Considine posted a video of a barefoot John Daly, in town this week for the Bridgestone Senior Players Championship, hitting the shot over Interstate 76, onto the football field.

Considine now lives in Chicago and is the founder of The NewClub Golf society.

“He’s got way too much club, no more than a 9 iron to the first goal post and a 3 iron to the second,” Considine tweeted. “All downhill with a crosswind that tends to help a draw.”

Daly is paired with Jesper Parnevik and Shane Bertsch for the first two days at Bridgestone.

Meanwhile, Ohio Department of Transportation spokesman Matt Bruning cautioned others about trying to copy Daly’s shot.

“Driving on the interstate should be limited to vehicles,” Bruning said. “Unfortunately there’s no mulligan if a ball goes astray and hits a moving vehicle at full speed.”


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