Former Michigan quarterback on Tagovailoa vs. Wolverines defense, superstar comparison for Terps freshman

If anyone in the national media is well-versed on the upcoming Michigan-Maryland football game, it is Devin Gardner. The former Michigan quarterback follows the Wolverines closely, including his spot on 247Sports’ Michigan Podcast with Sam Webb, Monday Morning Quarterback. And he got an up-close look at Maryland when he did commentary for FS1 for Maryland’s game against SMU last week.

Gardner came away impressed with the Terps.

“I think they’re good. Coach Locksley is doing a very good job with that team and when I was talking to him, he said he’s got the DMV rolling through his blood, in his DNA, and he’s trying to get that kind of attitude to show through in the team. And they got a different attitude. They got a lot of DMV kids, they got a lot of young dudes, though. They’re gonna make some mistakes or whatever the case may be, but man they ‘re ultra-talented.”

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“I’m excited to see this matchup,” he said on the podcast. “On defense, they are a very opportunistic defense, but they do have some flaws and you can really attack the middle of their defense. They play a bracket type of coverage with the middle open so that’ll be something that maybe Michigan will be able to be able to expose against them.”

All eyes will be on the Maryland quarterback Taulia Tagovailoa.

“And then on offense, I talked about him a little bit already, but Taulia Tagovailoa, he’s good, man. And the weird thing is, he can run, but he just doesn’t run [much]. He’s always running to pass when he’s got some yards out there to go get with his feet,” he said. “And, but, when when the game started to get in the nip and tuck situation, it started to get tight, he started to use his legs more and it kind of broke open the offense for him and added the extra dimension, similar to the University of Michigan with JJ McCarthy. So I think it’s going to be a very, very, very good test.”

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