Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 4, Pirates 2

Once again, it was a little hard to focus on the game, itself, knowing how little it mattered in comparison to the emotional moments we were seeing on the field.

Oh, and also, in comparison to the lack of David Robertson in the 9th once again – yesterday I could explain easily as not having him appear three days in a row, but today? Hopefully again just resting him when it’s unnecessary to risk further exposure before the deadline. Personally, I wouldn’t pitch him again if a deal was a lock before Tuesday. But I didn’t necessarily expect the Cubs to take that approach. So hopefully it isn’t a health issue. Also, a chance to remind folks that Mychal Givens is good, right?

But back to the game: the Cubs won again! That’s six in a row, and a second series sweep in a row, after not having one all season until this weekend.

Today’s win came primarily on the strength of Keegan Thompson being awesome, and three first-inning runs:

That first inning featured Willson Contreras getting a standing ovation, tipping his cap, and then singling to center. Later, in his final (and final?) at bat, he once again got so much love from the crowd:

It’s an emotional day. Good win. More to come.

Full box score.

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