Colin Cowherd and Mike Silver Say the 49ers are Worried About Trey Lance

NFL Insider Mike Silver and talking head Colin Cowherd broke news about the 49ers today on their podcast.

Both Cowherd and Silver reported that they have inside sources who say the 49ers are worried about Trey Lance, and that’s the real reason they still have Jimmy Garoppolo on the roster.

Here’s what they said:

COWHERD: “You and I may have the same source, we may not, but I’ve said when I saw Trey Lance play, aesthetically, it’s ugly. It’s not Philip-Rivers ugly, but it’s not a pretty delivery. It’s really rough .Secondly, what you’re saying is what I’m hearing – they’re rebuilding his delivery, and he gets arm fatigue. It’s not an easy throw. He needs days off. And they’re worried about his accuracy. You and I are hearing the same things. “


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