Chiefs-Chargers: 10 things overheard during Week 11 victory

On Sunday night, the Kansas City Chiefs held on for a 30-27 victory over the Los Angeles Chargers to go 8-2 on the season. Here are some of the things Tom Ruprecht overheard during the victory.

  1. “Imagine how much preseason Super Bowl buzz the Chargers will get if they ever happen to make the playoffs in one of these years!”
  2. “I don’t know. Maybe try putting Derwin James Senior on Kelce?”
  3. “It’s funny how the Cleveland Browns and Buffalo Bills had more fans in Detroit than the Chargers have in their own damn stadium.”
  4. “Seriously, when they spent $5 billion on this place, maybe they should’ve also bought some fans.”
  5. “Uh oh! Looks like the Jersey mob called in a hit on Toney’s hamstring.”
  6. “Fonzie is here to see Patrick Mahomes. Potsie is here to see Justin Herbert.”
  7. “I hope Clark Hunt has fun in Qatar — but if he gets any ideas about banning beer sales at Arrowhead, we’ve got a problem.”
  8. “Do you think Kelce’s Deion Sanders impression could extend to him returning punts?”
  9. “Must be weird for Herbert to see Jaylen Watson in person… after having seen him in his nightmares for the past two months.”
  10. “As we sit down at the table on Thursday, let’s remember what we’re thankful for: we still have two games against the Broncos!”

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