Young Sheldon’s end might just be heartbreak

Prepare the waterfalls. The family drama of the young Sheldons, which has been expected since the days when the movie “The Big Bang Theory” was released, is about to become a reality.

And not only that – the very end of the Big Bang prequel could be near.

Warning: The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon spoilers ahead.

The Big Bang Theory tells us that Sheldon had to go through some tough family times when he was a teenager. Namely his father’s affair and his father’s death.

He said that the events took place when Sheldon was 13-14 years old. In the sixth season of Young Sheldon, which is currently underway, the main character (played wonderfully by Ian Armitage) is 13 years old, which means that we are approaching some heartbreaking events.

The final episodes of the prequel paved the way for this inevitable drama.

Although, how television line reports that we may not yet see how this unfolds — it’s likely that those events will see the light of day in the upcoming seventh season.

As we’ve already seen Sheldon’s parents’ marriage begin to fall apart, it’s clear that a heartbreaking end is near, whether TBBT fans are ready or not.

The only question is whether the events will be shown as the elder Sheldon remembers them in the main series, or if we will see a somewhat alternate version. After all, we only knew perspective from Sheldon’s point of view before.

And now we touch on real-life issues that could affect the prequel and possibly lead to its ending. Season 7 will mark the end of the series’ three-season renewal.

Apparently, there is some insider talk that the series will not continue beyond season 7. Young Sheldon is currently the most popular sitcom on TV, but CBS has yet to announce an 8 season renewal.

There’s also the matter of a very likely writer’s strike like the 2007-08 TV season. Fans of hardcore TV shows remember when the Writers Guild of America went on strike, halting production on many series and shortening seasons.

If this happens again, the show better have a contingency plan. And saying goodbye to Sheldon as he heads off to college at age 14 after his father’s death might be a logical, if bittersweet, way to do it.

Season 6 of Young Sheldon will resume after a short hiatus on Thursday, March 30.

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