‘White Lotus’ Stars Reveal Who Cheated, and Whose Kid That Is, Really

Cameron and Daphne are spilling all their secrets. On Monday, The White Lotus: Sicily stars Theo James duck Meghann Fahy appeared as guests on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and revealed their thoughts on what’s really going down in Cameron and Daphne’s relationship.

While White Lotus creator and writer Mike White likes to keep things intentionally ambiguous for the actors, James and Fahy came to some joint conclusions of their own about Cameron and Daphne’s marriage and their potential trysts with their vacation friends Harper (Aubrey Plaza) and Ethan (Will Sharpe). During a rapid-fire segment called “The White Lotus Lowdown,” James revealed that he believed that Cameron and Harper did more than just kiss in their locked hotel room. “I think they did more but it was second-and-a-half-base,” said James, as Fahy nodded along.

As for whether Daphne and Ethan had their own beach rendezvous, Fahy definitely thinks something went down. “I don’t think they had sex,” Fahy says, coyly. “I think they did other stuff.” James then chimed in, cheekily asking “Everything but?” to which Fahy responded affirmatively, “Yeah.” Cohen—ever the intrepid journalist—pressed for more specifics, wanting to know whether Daphne gave Ethan “a handy.” “Yeah, sure,” said Fahy. “We’ll call it a handy.”

Regarding the most buzzed about and most suspicious aspect of Cameron and Daphne’s relationship—Is Daphne’s trainer the actual father of Daphne and Cameron’s kids?—James and Fahy also are in lockstep. “Yes,” James said, before clarifying. “Not both of them. God that would be fucking dark. But one of them.” Fahy went a step further, confirming what many of viewers assumed: “The blonde,” she said, suggesting that Daphne’s strawberry blonde son seen in the photo she showed Harper is actually her trainer’s progeny and not Cameron’s.

For those wondering whether Cameron, Daphne, Harper, and Ethan will make it to the Maldives next year as planned, the fraternizing foursome’s Sicily vacation will probably be their last, according to the actors. “No,” said James and Fahy in unison when Cohen asked if the two couples would ever vacation together again. “Definitely not,” James added. Will see if that remains true when Mike White starts assembling the cast for his dream project, The White Lotus: All Stars.


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