The View’s Sarah Haynes Suggests Melania Trump Is Being Paid To Stay Married (VIDEO)

“There can be money exchanged, deals made, agreements made,” the ABC talk show co-host said

With twice-impeached former President Donald Trump potentially facing imminent indictment for paying Stormy Daniels in 2016, Joy Behar wondered on Wednesday’s episode of “The View” why Melania Trump all still married to this person. Presenter Sarah Haynes believes there may be financial reasons behind this.

The question came as part of the women’s discussion about how Trump’s legal team is hyping Trump’s involvement in the money Daniels sent, claiming he paid her to keep quiet about their affair to protect his family and marriage.

“This is not directly related to the campaign,” Trump attorney Joe Taccapino said on “Good Morning America” ​​on Monday. “He did it out of personal resources to prevent something from coming out (which was) false, but embarrassing for himself, his family, his young son.”

But as host Sunny Hostin pointed out, Melania Trump’s former best friend Stephanie Winston Volkoff tweeted on Tuesday that that defense “WON’T WORK” because “Melania knew” about the affair. So, Hostin was a bit confused.

“I don’t think Melania wants anything to do with this man,” Hostin said. “I really don’t.”

As the discussion continued, with her co-hosts mostly in agreement, host Joy Behar eventually wondered aloud why Melania was still married to a twice-impeached former president with a history of multiple divorces.

“I’m sure she’ll get it—never mind,” interjected Sarah Haynes. But Behar encouraged Haynes to continue, which she did.

“There could be money in the exchange, deals, arrangements,” Haynes said.

When Hostin warned her to add the word “allegedly” to that subtext — which, to be clear, is that Melania Trump remains married to the former president as part of an ongoing arranged marriage she’s making money off of — Haynes did just that.

“Allegedly. As if I said!” she said to someone off-camera, believed to be the show’s executive producer Brian Tate, before collapsing on the table in embarrassment as Hostin added: “See? Now I have a legal notice!”

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