Raquel Lewis claimed that Tom Sandoval’s affair began after a trip on Vanderpump Rules

Rachel Lewis

Neither that nor the other Tom Sandoval no Rachel Lewis determined exactly when they had an affair. All that is known is a period of about seven months. Maybe such details should not be respected by Tom’s ex-girlfriend Ariana Maddix confidentiality. Or maybe the duo just don’t want to be honest about when their illegal activities began.

of course Vanderpump Rules fans are too busy looking for clues in the latest episodes. How about that little smile Tom gave Raquel when did she join the boy’s night? It is very telling that something has already ripened.

Us Weekly reported that Scheana Shay friends Jamie Lynn and Cal Ramsey Akerson seemingly confirmed the cheating schedule. They claimed that Raquel began to “approach”. Sandoval that night and spilled tea on Jamie All Over podcast

“She just told me (it happened) seven months ago and after a trip to Las Vegas,” Kel said. “I told her, ‘Bro, you literally called me an hour or two after the girls made you cry, and then you hit me back when you were in L.A.’ And she said, “(After the boys’ night) we became close.”

Jamie was part of a group that stayed and moved the party elsewhere. Within a smaller group, the dynamic between Raquel and Tom has changed.

“The next series Vanderpump Rules boys’ night out. You and I were there. Afterwards you went home and I went to Saddle Ranch with Raquel, Sandoval and (Schwartz and Sandy’s manager) Brett. “You were there because Raquel had just come back from Vegas and was really upset and asked you out that night,” she recalls. “Somehow it happened that the four of us went to the Saddle Ranch and Raquel and Tom got really into deep conversation at the bar.

After leaving the bar, Tom and Raquel ended up sitting on the curb engaged in conversation. Jamie was so impressed by what was happening that she started filming a duet.

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“I’m in my car right now with Brett and Raquel and Sandoval sat on the curb outside the Saddle Ranch and just talked. At the time, I didn’t realize how close they were talking and how intimate it seemed. So I start filming their conversation. We are so ignorant that we have no idea what is really going on,” she said.

Jamie decided not to publish the footage out of respect for Ariana. And so far Tom and Raquel the proximity and body language may have prompted a second glance, she felt no concern.

She explained: “I had this thought (at the time). I thought I wouldn’t post it because it looks too intimate and I don’t want to Ariana (Medics) feel a certain way about it. I don’t want her to feel disrespected, but it’s not alarming, like is there something inappropriate going on? It’s just that she could have made a mistake, and I don’t want to put anyone in that position.”

Looking back on it, knowing what we know now, the footage is damning. Jamie added: “When you watch it back — without the voiceover — it looks very close and very intimate. But the bottom line is that none of us knew in advance.”

The statement that Ariana and Tom “I’ve been in trouble for a while” doesn’t explain that we’ve been sneaking around on dates since the summer of 2022. In the end, “the only turning point was Ariana’s discovery of the sexually suggestive footage Raquel on her ex-boyfriend’s phone. She was “stunned.”

The Schwartz & Sandy co-owner apologized to his former lover via Instagram. Tom wrote: “I want to first of all apologize to everyone I have offended during this process. Most of all, I want to apologize Ariana. I’ve made mistakes, I’ve been selfish, and I’ve made rash decisions that hurt someone I love. No one deserves to feel this pain so traumatically and publicly. I can only imagine how devastating this must have been for Ariana and everyone around us. I feel really terrible about this. My biggest regret is that I embarrassed Ariana. I never wanted to disappoint so many people, including our loving families and friends.’

Raquel followed suit. “I want to apologize first of all for my actions and choices Ariana, and to my friends and fans who have invested so much in our relationship. There is no excuse, I am not a victim and I have to own up to my actions and I deeply regret the pain I caused Ariana,” she stated.

“Knowing how many people we hurt, I need to understand my choices and learn to make better ones. I need to take care of my health, work on self-development and find time to feel alone. I care Tom and I don’t want to indicate anything or predict what lies ahead. Now I need to heal,” she offered in her Instagram post.

But the drama does not stop there. Raquel accused Shcheana of the alleged assault after her ex-girlfriend found out about the infidelity Ariana. Scheana is fighting the allegations. The former beauty pageant queen was threatened by a lawyer VPR sue if they post or share a video with her.


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