Love Island’s Jessie Winter and Will Young discuss their sex lives after leaving the villa

Island of love couple Jessie Winter and Will Young appeared to bring the heat from the villa with them as they openly discussed their relationship after the show.

It looks like this gentle duo is going from strength to strength and revealed that their love life is better than ever.

The couple, who almost made it to the final, said they are “100 times better” now that the cameras aren’t on them 24/7.

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Talking to MailOnlineJessie said their sex life is great as they have only had one night apart since the show ended and have spent a lot of time together in the bedroom.

She added: “It’s 100 times better now that we’re out of the villa. It’s a million times better, I’ll tell you that much.’

In their candid chat, they also revealed that they still have to discuss with their parents what they have in mind for the villa.


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Jessie said: “Our parents didn’t comment on us having sex in the villa… we’re just going to pretend it didn’t happen. I didn’t plan to do that…”

“I thought we’d just go (to the hideout) and not have sex because we were being filmed, but you’re in there for so long that it comes across in a playful way,” Will added.

Will also revealed that Jessie plans to move to the UK and live with him on his farm in Buckinghamshire.

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“Jessie is moving to the farm for the next month or two and she’s going to be lambing and all that, which I’m really, really excited about,” he said.

“When she visited for the first time this week I gave her a pram and she really stuck around and fed the animals, it made me fall in love with her even more.”

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