How the office spent $250,000 on one scene

Turns out, one iconic scene from the classic NBC comedy Office came with a surprisingly high price.

About a recent episode Office buildings in a podcast via Mashable , Jenna Fisher and Angela Kinsey discussed how the Weight Loss season 5 premiere cost a whopping $250,000 to produce. Despite the unpretentious gas station setting, Jim’s proposal to Pam left a burning hole in Officea pocket “They built it in the Best Buy parking lot, which I’ve been to many times,” Fisher said. “They put cameras on the other side of the race track and cars were going around it at 55mph. Then they added rain pouring down on us (with) these giant rain machines.”

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Fisher then revealed that the 52-second scene was the most expensive sequence in all nine seasons Office. To create this moment, the production team used Google Street View to photograph an actual gas station along the Merritt Parkway and built a set to match the location. In addition, production manager Randy Cordray hired 35 accurate drivers in cars and semi-trucks to accurately convey the feel of the gas station.

Will the office get a reboot?

Although the documentary-style series ended with 201 episodes in 2013, rumors of a potential reboot have been swirling for the past four years. Susan Rauner, chairman of NBCUniversal TV’s entertainment and streaming division, said she wholeheartedly believes Office writer Greg Daniels’ take on the matter. “Whatever Greg Daniels wants to do, I’ll be there with open arms,” ​​Rauner said. Although Daniels didn’t hold out hope for a reboot in 2021 due to his busy schedule, the tone eventually changed. In March 2022 Office the showrunner teased the possibility of a revival becoming similar Mandalorian as “the continuation of the universe”. “I can’t say if the fans will want more of it, and if I say more, I don’t think it will be the same characters,” Daniels said. initially, Office served as a reboot of the British TV series of the same name.

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Daniels also became one of the participants in the creation of a fake documentary show Parks and recreation areas with Mikhail Shchur. I like it Office, some fans have expressed interest in a revival. Rob Lowe previously stated that he would be willing to star in the film Parks and Rec reboot with Amy Poehler joining the cast. Poehler played Leslie Knope, the title character of the NBC sitcom, for seven seasons before the show ended in 2015. Lowe also leads Park and memory podcast with Parks and Rec writer and producer Alan Young, where they discuss behind-the-scenes stories.

Office is available to stream on Peacock.

Source: Office Ladies via Mashable

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