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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — Oftentimes, words make us want to go to a certain place for a bite to eat. These words have always been one of Matt Rich’s defining characteristics.

The chef and owner of a Louisville hole-in-the-wall called Gourmet Provisions likes to keep it real.

“I don’t want you hanging around eating,” Rich said. “I’m serious. It’s hard to listen to your complaints when you’re at home.”

That might explain the decor at Gourmet Provisions.

“I think the dead flowers and the dead plants kind of wrap everything together,” Rich said with a smile.

Each dish is served with snark on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

Some posts are dedicated to customer requirements.

“I don’t like the spiced cherry cream sauce,” Matt read from his cell phone. “Don’t take the dish. I don’t go to McDonald’s, I don’t order a Big Mac, and I don’t say I don’t like thousand island, pickles, onions and sesame seeds.”

Other posts – when he is into the exotic. He worked with kangaroos, ostriches and pythons. He made snake curry.

“When I sold it, I thought it was terrible, and they bought it anyway,” Rich said, laughing.

If you burn through the dead plants and sarcasm and look for reviews, you’ll see that this place is no joke.

“I have the original chef Jack Fry in there,” Rich explained.

This piece is not snark.

“Everything is wonderful there. Matt is a dork, but in a good way,” another Matt wrote on Facebook.

Victoria wrote: “This place is a goldmine of delicious food and sarcasm, a gem.”

Portions of Rich’s honesty are apparently good for the soul and the stomach.

Gourmet Provisions is located at 9407 Westport Road in Lyndon.

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