Daisy Jones and Six Episode 8 Recap: Billy/Daisy Overdose Scene

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Daisy Jones and Six Episode 8 Proceed at your own risk!

Daisy Jones and SixEpisode eight (now streaming on Prime Video) left viewers with a rather emotionally traumatic cliffhanger.

Fed up with Daisy’s increasingly erratic behavior and her on-stage antics during a concert tour, Billy barges into her hotel room with the intention of kicking her out of the group. Daisy’s husband Nicky answered the door, nervously assuring Billy that Daisy was fine. When he wouldn’t let Billy in, Billy pushed through the door and found an unconscious Daisy in the shower who had overdosed.

“She’s not breathing!” – exclaimed a confused Billy to the tour manager Rod, rocking Daisy’s limp body in his arms. He then proceeded to beg her to stay with him while Rod called the doctor.

“It’s you,” Daisy whispered, regaining consciousness briefly as she looked at Billy before passing out again.

“I think it was pretty hard for everyone involved,” Sam Claflin, who plays Billy, tells TVLine about filming the emotionally difficult scene. “It was scripted, but not scripted. So much pain and anguish that comes with it, and the lines that I kind of throw in, I was just trying to put myself in that position and figure out what it would be like.’

Claflin adds that there were “a few awkward” moments when he was “trying to get (his co-star Riley Keough’s) head position right for the camera.”

Trying to make the plot beat of Billy and Daisy’s main moment, as well as the logistics, made the task doubly difficult. “It was both physically taxing and emotionally taxing,” says Claflin.

But the effort was worth it, because the scene struck a chord with writer Taylor Jenkins Reid, whose book the series is based on, even though it wasn’t part of her novel.

“There are a few moments that really, really stuck with me. There were even moments when I thought, “Damn, why didn’t I do that?” which is a testament to the writing on the show. When Billy finds Daisy in the shower, it’s very touching,” says Reid.

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