CT Tamburello and “The Challenge” wife agreed that he will get the house after the divorce


‘The Challenge’ by CT Tamburello

The abandoned wife packs her bags

The star of “Challenge”. KT Buben and his estranged wife agreed on who would get the house in the midst of their divorce … and he wouldn’t be moving out.

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Lilianet “Lily” Salares filed for sole ownership of their Florida pad back in December, but now she’s agreed to move out and leave the family home in CT

The docs say Lily will be moving into a rental as soon as possible … but CT will be responsible for the $7,200 deposit on her new home. Lily is only allowed to enter the matrimonial home to retrieve her belongings – including furniture and personal items, as well as some of their child’s belongings.

CT is ordered to pay $761 a month in temporary child support … and they’ve agreed to follow a schedule when it comes to caring for their little one, Christopher Jr

TMZ broke the story, CT filed for divorce last November, putting an end to their tumultuous marriage. There’s no word on what led to the decision, but their relationship issues were the focus of The Challenge: Double Agent – where it revealed they split up back in 2020 before eventually getting back together.

He also said he was “in the doghouse” last year with Lily … but it looks like he’s got the doghouse to himself now.

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