Tom Sandoval’s restaurants overwhelmed with negative reviews on Yelp following cheating scandal


Tom Sandoval

Brutal Yelp Restaurant Reviews

… You cheat, we don’t eat

Two LA restaurants connected to Tom Sandoval saw harsh reviews in the wake of his scandal…it got so bad that Yelp put a stop to it all.

Negative comments target TomTom and Schwartz & Sandy’s, both co-owned by Tom Schwartz and Sandoval – with all the harmful criticism that comes after Tom’s case with the co-star of ‘VPR’ Rachel Leviss has become public.

A reviewer has shared a photo of a Raquel-inspired cockroach they claim they ‘found’ while having dinner – dragging glances from Raquel and Tom’s band, which the reviewer says looks like ‘Freddy Krueger scratching on A blackboard”.

Critics also talk about frequenting another restaurant – Something About Her – AKA Ariana Madixthe sandwich shop.

And there’s this… “TomTom is a place for pigs and home wreckers.”

It didn’t get much better at Schwartz & Sandy’s…with some again calling the “cheaters” and saying Tom should live in a cave.

Lisa Vanderpump opens up about the Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss affair

Yelp had to put an end to the reviews of the two restaurants… by informing users that there was an influx of reviews due to public attention, so the site hit the pause button while the employees determine whether these are genuine customer experiences.

As we reported, Tom asked everyone to leave Schwartz alone and leaving his restaurants alone as he was just “a small part of a much bigger thing”…but that clearly didn’t stop people from bombarding the reviews.

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