This ‘Will and Grace’ Scene With Leslie Jordan and Megan Mullally Is Going Viral

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On October 24, Hollywood said an emotional goodbye to Leslie Jordan, who died in a car crash at the age of 67. According to reports, the actor may have experienced a medical emergency behind the wheel. While his most recent role was playing head baker Phil on the sitcom Call Me Katfans are remembering him for his work on a different show.

More than two decades ago, in February 2001, Leslie made the first of 15 total appearances on the NBC series. Will & Grace. He portrayed wealthy New York City socialite Beverly Leslie opposite Megan Mullally‘s character Karen Walker. Folks may remember him for uttering the now iconic line: “Karen Walker. I thought I smelled gin and regret.”

While viewers always wished he would reunite with him Will & Grace castmates, NBC made their dreams come true before his death. In a September 6 video on Instagram, Leslie and Megan reunited to repeat their famous lines all over again. “Still frenemies 20 years later πŸ’…,” the show captioned the clip.

Despite the Instagram Reel being shared on social media a month ago, the snippet started making the rounds on social media again. Many took the opportunity to pay tribute to the actor and his comedic timing.

“πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ love you so much! And I miss you even more,” one person wrote. “One of the ULTIMATE in dynamic comedy pairing! β™₯οΈπŸ‘πŸ»,” another follower noted. “I love this so much. Writing, delivery, all of it… Perfect!!!” a different fan added.

Fans weren’t the only ones reminiscing about Leslie’s work. The cast of Will & Grace paid their own tributes to the late actor, wit Megan being particularly poignant.

“My heart is breaking. I really can’t believe it,” she wrote on Instagram. “Leslie Jordan was, hands down, one of the greats. People use that expression a lot, and I’m not sure it’s always applicable. There aren’t that many people who are truly great at anything. But Leslie was flawlessly funny, a virtuoso of comedy. His timing, his delivery, all apparently effortless. You can’t get any better than that.”

She continued: “I was just with him last month. The Prestigious National Book Festival was showcasing Leslie and his best-selling book in Washington DC, and he’d asked me to come interview him for his event … Love you, Leslie . Miss you already. And one thing I know for sure… there will never ever be another you.”

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