Who is Clara Chía, Piqué’s new girlfriend who Shakira attacks in the BZRP Music Session?

A new track released by Shakira has taken aim at former husband Gerard Piquéand his new supposed partner, Clara Chia Marti. Unlike the chart-topping artist, Piqué’s new partner does not have quite the same public profile and is thought to have been working for the Spaniard when they first met.

The 23-year-old has been spotted in public with Piqué and reportedly wworks for the former footballer’s television production company Kosmos. She is thought to be a public relations student living in Barcelona.

The pair were photographed together at the Summerfest Cerdanya festival in Spain in August. Little is known about Clara Chia Marti at this stage, other than that she is the first woman to be publicly linked to Piqué since his high profile split from Shakira.

What did Shakira say about Clara Chia Marti in the new song?

One of the most striking features of Piqué’s new partner is her age. The 23-year-old is 12 years younger than the World Cup winning defender and she was just five years old when Pique made his professional football debut for Manchester United.

Clara Chia’s age is referenced by Shakira in a new song released on Wednesday in which she speaks freely about her split from Piqué. Shakira, now aged 45, says that she is ‘worth two of 22’ [-years-old].

That verse continues with two unflattering comparisons that suggest that she believes pique has ‘downgraded’ in his new relationship. The song contains, in Spanish, the following lyrics:

“Cambiaste un Ferrari por un Twingo

Cambiaste un Rolex por un Casio”

In English, that roughly translates to:

“You change a Ferrari for a Twingo

You changed a Rolex for a Casio”

Shakira also describes Clara Chia as “mi supuesto replásamento”, or ‘my supposed replacement’.

When Shakira and Piqué announced their split in June 2022, the Colombian singer released a statement staying:

“We regret to confirm that we are separating. For the well-being of our children, who are our highest priority, we request respect for (our) privacy. Thank you for your understanding.

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