STAYC’s “Teddy Bear” is steadily climbing the charts, reaching #1 on Melon

STAYC’s latest release, “Teddy bear,” is receiving immense love from listeners as it continues to climb the music charts in South Korea.

Usually, popular K-pop idols top the music charts within the first few days or weeks because that’s when listeners and fans stream their new music the most. But things are different for STAYC because their latest music often climbs various music charts gradually and steadily.

STAYC made a comeback on February 14th with “Teddy Bear”, but the song didn’t initially chart too high on charts like Melon. It’s been about a month since it was released, and “Teddy Bear” ranked #1 on Melon’s real-time music chart and was also ranked second on Melon’s TOP 100.

TOP 100

What is impressive is that the song steadily climbed the charts.

K-pop fans and netizens were impressed, commenting, “Wow, that’s crazy,” “Oh!! congratulations congratulations” “Wow Daebak,” “Hol,” “This is so crazy, but the song is really good,” “Wow, it climbed the charts a lot,” “The song gets better the more you listen,” ” I really like the song after listening to the song a lot,” “I’m so happy they’re doing so well,” and “The song is just too good.”

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