MONSTER MAGNET’s DAVE WYNDORF Reveals ‘The Only Thing That Wasn’t Cool’ About Touring With METALLICA

During an appearance on a recent episode of the GUNS N’ ROSES-centric “Appetite for Distortion” podcast, MONSTER MAGNET frontman Dave Wyndorf spoke what it was like for him and his bandmates to tour with METALLICA in the late 1990s. He said: “We had been through Europe many, many times headlining before, so we’d do, like, maybe five hundred people [a night]. So we had done really, really well in Europe, going around. Our records were selling increasingly better and better. We had, like, two records on a major [label] at that point. And we were looking for some sort of break; you look for that break that you want. METALLICAreally, they gave us a chance to [play in front of much bigger crowds]. And it was really cool. The only thing that wasn’t cool about it was that there were so many dudes [in the audience]. We went through all of Eastern Europe [with them], and we were, like, ‘Where are the girls?’ Because it was METALLICA. And we used to have a bunch of girls at the show. So that was the only hard part. It was just, like, what do you do after the show?”

MONSTER MAGNET released its first covers album, “A Better Dystopia”in May 2021. The 13-song collection was conceived and recorded during the pandemic and included mostly obscure “nega-psychadelic” covers of HAWKWIND, PENTAGRAM, POOBAH and more. It was the New Jersey-based band’s 11th studio album and first release since 2018’s “Mindfucker” LP.

In a 2019 interview with Outburn, Wyndorf stated about his decision to call his band’s latest collection of all-original material “Mindfucker”: “I wrote a song called that a while ago, but that term has been with me since I was 14. It used to be a common term, from back in the early ’70s when life was very much a mindfucker…quite like today . Things haven’t changed much. In the early ’70s, being mindfucked was, ‘Man, I saw ‘2001’, and that ending is a mindfucker.’ It’s a real ‘Beavis And Butt-Head’ term, and the simplicity of a stupid title like that is just so absolutely gorgeous to me. I think I’ve been walking around wanting to name a record ‘Mindfucker’ my whole life, and then this whole [Donald] Trump thing comes up, and I’m, like, ‘Wow, if I don’t call my record ‘Mindfucker’ in 2018, I’m shirking my duties.’ If ever there was a good time to call a record that, it’s now.”

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