Madonna’s TikTok Interview Gets Weird After The Singer Does A Popper During Live Stream

Once labeled as the “queen of controversy,” Madonna is doing everything she can to reclaim her crown. Her latest effort happened when the pop star took part in a live with TikToker Terri Joe. The chaotic duo jumped on the live stream and discussed several topics. But if the surprise of Madonna having a casual conversation on TikTok wasn’t enough, fans were stunned when the singer sniffed an unknown substance from a small bottle.

Madonna’s glam team surrounded her as they worked on her hair. At the beginning of the interview, she mentioned how “tired” she was because she had “just finished a six-hour fitting.”

Terri Joe was in the middle of asking Maddon what she was getting ready for when the singer aggressively sniffed a substance out of the small bottle.

“Is that poppers?!” the interviewer screamed.

The 64-year-old singer seemed to be experiencing a head rush. She then replied, “Whoa, I’ve never done that before.”

@Rapalert1OO shared a tweet of the moment Madonna took a mid-interview pick-me-up. “Not Madonna doing poppers on TikTok Live,” read the caption.

The scrolling comments included “IM DYING”, “OMGGGG”, and “DID SHE JUST….????” But no one was as taken back as the host, who fell out of her chair for a moment and then continued with the off-kilter interview.

If the midsentence popper hit wasn’t enough, the interview seemed to get more erratic from there.

The conversation allowed one of Terri Joe’s satirical personas, Nicole, to make an appearance. According to Queerty, Nicole is a “good Christian southern belle woman.”

The pair discussed whether Lady Gaga’s “Judas” was a Christian or blasphemous song.

Using their best southern accents, Madonna updated her username in the stream to “Mary Ann Beth,” to match the energy of the host’s character.

After bringing Jesus into the conversation, Madonna took another hit of the popper!

Twitter user @MaryAnnBeth1 shared the clip when Terri Joe’s character Nicole asks, “Is that holy water?”

Madonna went on to talk about new music and her latest antics, including her recent feud with Cardi B.

Blavity previously reported on the short-lived beef when Cardi called out Madonna for seeking appreciation.

The crazy interview was right on brand for Madonna and her latest efforts to return to the spotlight.

You can view the entire live stream below.

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